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Exposing a Former Czech PM’s Offshore Finances

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Pavla Holcová was greeted with an avalanche of threats when she woke up one morning. Her country’s former prime minister had publicly accused her of being a paid agent to undermine his re-election campaign.

In this episode, Nick Wallis talks with Pavla and fellow OCCRP editor Pete Jones about how an investigation exposing ex-Czech PM Andrej Babiš’ undeclared overseas property deals led to a very public attack by the politician and media mogul. Pavla recounts her encounters with Babiš and what kept her going in the face of horrific abuse from his supporters.

We also hear from Prague-based journalist Will Nattrass on why Babiš is seen as a threat to press freedom, corruption in the Czech Republic, and where the country’s politics could head in the future.

Dirty Deeds is a Little Gem production for OCCRP. The host is Nick Wallis. The producer is Lindsay Riley at Rethink Audio, with research from Phoebe Adler-Ryan and Riham Moussa.

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