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Introducing... Sidetracked with Annie and Nick

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Episode notes

Annie Macmanus and Nick Grimshaw are back together exploring the week in music for their brand new BBC podcast, Sidetracked with Annie and Nick. Whether we need to laugh, scream or clap, these two friends are with you whenever you want on BBC Sounds (or wherever you get your podcasts). Sidetracked is all about taking a look at the things Annie and Nick have loved (and perhaps more importantly not loved) from the world of music with the help of artists, industry experts and listeners. A week in music, a week in Annie and Nick’s lives, this is the destination for music and pop culture lovers looking for an authentic and light-hearted take on the week’s most compelling stories… getting seriously sidetracked along the way. Sidetracked is a BBC Audio production for the BBC – new episodes drop every Thursday.