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ToastCaster 162: 5 Lessons From My 1st professional Speech – Kate McClare

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Episode notes

[25:23] What can you learn from your first professional speech (outside Toastmasters)?

In this episode Greg speaks with copywriter Kate McClare who pulls back the curtain and shares five powerful lessons and more from her recent live presentation to a group of CPAs. These lessons are basic fundamentals but important reminders that every speaker should remember if they want to make an impact on their audience and of course the organization who engaged them.

You can also hear Kate in her interview with Greg Gazin & Ryan Levesque on the Toastmasters Podcast, episode #201, Powerful Collaboration between Toastmasters International and Rotary International.

Kate McClare  runs a company called Kate’s Copy, a writing and editing service. Specializing in Digital, Video and Print content for Marketing and PR professionals, Web Designers and Entrepreneurs.

Kate is passionate about Language and prides herself with her ability to harness the power of the written word for better storytelling.  She’s is also a Distinguished Toastmaster and a frequent contributor to the Toastmaster Magazine.

Kate McClare lives in Hollywood, Florida and can be reached on LinkedIn or at