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Episode notes

Sean Nestor of Homicide Black and Half Wheel will be joining me tonight to feature 2 songs. The first song is "Black in Your Eyes" by Homicide Black and the second one is "Me & You" by Half Wheel. Sean is in both of those bands as well as a few others that we play, including Scarlot O'Hara and Silk9. We touch on all of those bands ( and a bunch of others), Mike Ofca, Rock for Life Concert Series, Fostering Music, 97.7 The Rock Station, The Grass Roots Show and the the Grassy Award and so, so much more.
About the Songs
Black In Your Eyes - Reminiscent of a Maiden-esque gallop with a nice Randy Rhodes-ish interlude. Music written by our good friend Danny Corso of Sacred Dominion. Danny called us and told us he wrote an Homicide Black tune and wanted dual guitars. Jazz and I listened, wrote the lyrics and brought Danny over for a marathon session.

Me & You - hALF wHEEL tune written by Jazz. Has a bit of a Zeppelin vibe and is always a blast to play live. Shot a video for it too. Nice, outdoorsy cabin and a peaceful sunny day.

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