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Season 12 Episode 3- Joe Buck, Jeff Passan

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Episode notes

Steve interviews Joe Buck (00:08:12) from ESPN's Monday Night Football. Joe explains the backstory that led to him leaving Fox for ESPN. Joe talks about wanting to work with Troy Aikman, Fox being generous, and Tony Romo's massive contract changing the game. Joe also looked back at his career calling baseball games and went over his favorite moments during an incredible run. Joe then looks ahead to the Monday Night Football schedule and explains how he will handle calling Deshaun Watson's first home game if he indeed only serves a six week suspension. Steve and Joe end the interview joking about Joe's relationship with Eddie Vedder and Steve encourages Joe to reach out to him about his throat issues. Also, Jeff Passan (00:53:51) from ESPN joins us after an exhausting couple of days covering the Major League Baseball trade deadline. Jeff explains who he thought had the best trade deadline and who he thinks had the worst. Steve and Jeff also talk extensively about Juan Soto's move to San Diego. Jeff looks ahead to the second half of the season and explains why he thinks the Atlanta Braves are more dangerous this season than last season. Finally, Jeff predicts how many home runs Aaron Judge will hit and who he will play for next season. Steve starts the show babbling about babbling. The book club has has a new book and a giveaway to announce. The show ends with one last thing going lighter after a few heavy weeks. Steve talks about what he is watching on television including The Bear, Big Brother, and Hard Knocks. For more information follow the podcast on twitter @sports_casters Email: [email protected]