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12.45: Christmas in July 2023

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Episode notes

For this Christmas in July, we went a very non-traditional route with our movie choice and watched “The Apology” on Hulu. Thankfully, we also watched “A Storm for Christmas” and “Die Hard,” two actual Christmas shows. We definitely needed something more jovial after “The Apology”!

“The Apology” takes place on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. But this is no Christmas movie. Yes, a gift or two are given. A meal is prepared. Decorations are hung. But no one is festive or celebrating.

And, in the dark and snowy night, just as a 19-years-sober mother-of-a-missing-teen (missing for 20 years) is about to take a drink of vodka, the mother’s former brother-in-law knocks on the door. Oops, his car just happened to break down nearby. Umm.

Actually, he’s stopped by to make an apology. Fun. (Not.)

The movie is really solid, actually, starring Anna Gunn, Linus Roache, and Janeane Garofalo and directed by Alison Locke. Check it out, just not for Christmas.

Next week: Child actors all grown up! 


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