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It's tricky times to be a satirical comedian on the world stage right now.

The world is full of sad things, but it's a comedians job to find the catharsis in the contemporary anxiety.

One comedian who is doing that on the toughest of subjects is Matt Lieb.

A progressive jewish person Matt has created online sarcastic persona of the Liberal Zionist who attempts to justify the scale of violence being unleashed upon civilians in Gaza.

 Matt Lieb discusses his use of humour in addressing the Israel-Palestine conflict and the risks involved in speaking out. 

He highlights the challenges of navigating the minefield of criticising Israel and the consequences that individuals face for expressing their opinions. Matt also shares his experiences as a Jewish comedian and the different perspectives he brings to his comedy. 

Throughout the conversation, Matt emphasises the importance of separating criticism of the Israeli government from anti-Semitism and the need for open and honest dialogue on the topic.

The conversation covers various aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including language use, the perspective of Israeli comedians, the impossible situation faced by Israelis, the lack of hope for peace, imagining alternative solutions, and the role of comedy in discussing sensitive topics.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mattliebjokes/

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