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Don’t Fear Death: Nicole Kerr's Spiritual Awakening Post-Near-Death Experience

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Episode notes

What happens when someone has a near-death experience and are angels real? In this fascinating episode of "Perpetual Motion," Dr. mOe Anderson sits down with Nicole Angelique Kerr, an Air Force veteran and author, to delve into her life-changing near-death experience and the subsequent journey that transformed her outlook on life and death. Nicole opens up about her conservative upbringing, her unexpected military career, and the spiritual encounters that taught her to embrace her eternal nature and the power of angelic guidance.

**Memorable Quote:**
"Love is the essence of existence, challenging beliefs that instill fear about God and the afterlife." - Nicole Angelique Kerr

**Key Points:**
- Nicole's conservative background and cultural enlightenment.
- Her near-death experience during a car accident and how it changed her perception of death.
- The importance of asking for spiritual help and forming a daily relationship with one's angels.
- How to communicate with guardian angels and overcome life's traumas.
- The power of love over death and the importance of addressing generational trauma.
- Insights from Nicole's book "You Are Deathless" and her message on the eternal nature of our souls.

**Chapter Breakdown:**
• (0:00:01) Not Fearing Death: Nicole's life before the accident and her newfound philosophy.
• (0:08:17) Power of Asking for Help: The spiritual assistance Nicole received during her near-death experience.
• (0:15:29) Communicating With Angels, Overcoming Trauma: Nicole's connection with angels and her journey of healing from trauma.
• (0:22:26) Love's Power Over Death and Trauma: Nicole discusses the generational impact of trauma and her book's message on love and eternity.

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