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Is Britain falling apart? With Armando Iannucci | Westminster Reimagined

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Episode notes

The writer, satirist and broadcaster Armando Iannucci returns to the New Statesman Podcast to co-host our third series of Westminster Reimagined. In six special episodes Iannucci explores parts of British public life he believes to be broken, and is joined by guests from inside and outside Westminster to work out how to fix things.


In this episode, Iannucci and Anoosh Chakelian, the New Statesman’s Britain editor, examine whether the UK is falling apart at the seams. In 2010 the Conservative Party came to power promising to fix “Broken Britain”. Today, with unions around the country striking, the NHS buckling, and communities increasingly stepping in to provide vital services following a 37 per cent cut in local council funding, we ask: how can Britain carry on like this? 

Our special guests are Michelle Dornelly, founder of Children with Voices, which runs Hackney Community Food Hub, and Emilie De Bruijn, who set up Hartlepool Baby Bank

The panel discusses why these two women founded front-line services for their local communities, the lack of resources, the dangers of burning out, and why the state is sitting back and relying on their goodwill, as well as what can be done to remedy the problem. 

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