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S11 Ep35: Vinovagando - The Wines of the 2023 Giro d'Italia

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Episode notes

As per what is now an annual tradition, The Cycling Podcast and Dvine Cellars of London have indulged our mutual, overlapping passions and paid homage to the Giro d'Italia by selecting six wines to celebrate this year's race.

In this episode, Daniel Friebe is joined by Greg Andrews and Luciana Girotto of Dvine to discuss those wines. The wines are listed below and can be purchased via the following link:

The six wines - the Girovagando selection discussed here - are as follows, in order of appearance on or adjacent to the race route:

- GIRA, Passerina d'Abruzzo 2019,
Cantina Rapino, Abruzzo

- Falanghina Del Sannio 2020,
Cantina Del Taburno, Campania

- Sincero 2021,
Cosimo Maria Masini, Tuscany

- Boca 2012,
Davide Carlone, Piedmont

- Recantina 2021,
Serafini & Vidotto, Veneto

- Frascati 2019,
Castel de Paolis, Lazio

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