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261 Apple Podcasts Transcript Updates and Stepping Down From Podcast Leadership

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Episode notes

Rob and Elsie dive into the world of podcast transcripts, covering everything from Apple Podcasts' new automatic transcription feature to the best practices for creating and using custom transcripts. They also discuss recent developments in the industry, including Apple Podcasts' exclusivity shifts, changes in podcast app ownership, and the impact of iOS 17 on podcast statistics plus user agents download numbers are back!

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Quick Episode Summary
  • (2:17) PROMO 1: The Business of You
  • (2:43) Rob and Elsie conversation
  • (3:30) All kinds of talk about Apple Podcasts transcripts!
  • (32:29) Elsie and some She Podcasts news
  • (37:22) PROMO 2: 19 Stories From Fear To Hope
  • (40:46) Paul Colligan's guesting manifesto
  • (42:31) Remember Magic Bookafier? It's back on AppSumo
  • (43:11) Looks like the Castro App is back!
  • (45:31) Alex Cooper is no longer exclusive to Spotify
  • (47:41) Audacy to cut 25% of the staff in Pineapple Podcast division
  • (52:10) Additional data on the drop of downloads from iOS 17 via Podtrac
  • (53:22) Google podcasts is going away and next steps
  • (55:06) PROMO 3: Stitchery Stories
  • (55:26) Stats: User agents are back!
  • (59:09) Where have we been and where are we going?
Featured Podcast Promo + Audio Where have we been and where are we going

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