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Episode notes

In this episode of the Superstar Communicator podcast, negotiation and body language expert, Greg Williams, sat down with hosts Susan and Nick Simon from "Superstar Communicator" to discuss tips and tricks for successful negotiations. From the importance of compromising to the power of observing body language, Greg shares insights from his 30 years of experience and Harvard training. The episode covers negotiation strategies such as using silence, taking breaks, and stalling tactics, as well as the crucial role body language plays in communication. Listeners will walk away with a deeper understanding of negotiating effectively and using nonverbal cues to their advantage.

There are many key points including:

[00:04:42] "Exchanging Information: The Basis for Trust"

[00:06:53] "Negotiation Success Depends on Win-Win Mindset"

[00:08:30] "The Power of Demeanor in Negotiations: Explained"

[00:10:30] "The Power of Silence in Negotiation Tactics"

[00:12:23] "The Power of Body Language in Negotiations"

[00:13:51] "Why Throat Clearing Can Reveal Hidden Tension"

[00:15:29] "Negotiation Power Plays: How to Win"

[00:20:39] "Negotiation: Mastering the Art of Compromise"

[00:24:00] "New leader, new ways: King Charles asserts authority"

[00:27:00] "Mastering Body Language for Successful Negotiations"

three top tips are:

  1. Remember  you are always negotiating.
  2. Learn about body language cues because there are many things that are unsaid, that could be clues.
  3. Consider how today's action could impact the future.

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Greg Williams is an expert negotiator who believes that observing people's behavior in a normal environment is key to assessing how they may act in the future. Through assessment, he can determine the level of motivation a particular tactic has on a person's posture and position during a negotiation. He believes that negotiating is a continuous process that sets a baseline in the present to be compared to in the future. You can grab more information including downloadable checklists from 

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