So Many Damn Books

204: Kate Slotover (The Book Club Review) & Kathryn Scanlan's KICK THE LATCH & Christopher Morley's PARNASSUS ON WHEELS

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Episode notes

Kate Slotover, co-host of the podcast The Book Club Review, zooms into the Damn Library and chats book podcast reading, how many books she will get to before she dies, the driving philosophy of what she wants her show’s conversations to be like, why we should articulate what we don’t like about books, the magic of Dick Francis, the perennial fun of will-they-won’t-they, and so much more, including deep dives into the novellas they traded, Kate's Kick the Latch by Kathryn Scanlan and Christopher's Parnassus On Wheels by Christopher Morley. A book lover’s feast! Bon appetit!


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