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Ep129 - Independent Magazines

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Episode notes

In this slightly longer than normal episode Neil indulges his love of magazines by having conversations with editors of print magazines with a varying focus on film about setting up print enterprises in the digital age. He talks to Maria J Pérez Cuervo about her folk horror magazine Hellebore, Gabriel Solomons about illustrated film magazine Beneficial Shock and Cathy Lomax & Lucy Bolton about a special British film edition of art and culture periodical Garageland. All the conversations revolve around a love of magazines and we are grateful to all the contributors for their time.

Around these conversations Neil and Dario discuss collecting, objects and mortality, the physical v the digital and what they want from cultural experiences and how magazines can play into that. They also talk about Dario’s visit to the ICA to see Annette and a Leos Carax Q&A and Neil recommends the new BFI Blu-ray of Powell & Pressburger’s 1942 propaganda classic One of our Aircraft is Missing.

To buy Hellebore click here.

To buy Beneficial Shock (who have a new issue imminent) click here.

To buy Garageland click here.


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