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Episode notes

a good mind to brings together people who have some lived experience with mental ill health and gives them a microphone to say what they want to say.

And it turns out they have a good mind to share some compelling stories.

The team at Coequal were supported with funding for this project by Coordinare - the South Eastern Primary Health Network through the Australian Government's Primary Health Network program and they put the word out through Wollongong, Shellharbour, Kiama and Shoalhaven Local Government Areas to find people with a good mind to participate.

Each of the initial people who connected up were offered the opportunity to make a podcast about "whatever they wanted" and they, in turn, drew in others to participate.

The result is a dynamic mix of issues and ideas: disordered eating, the Stolen Generations, Epilepsy and Functional Neurological Disorder, psychosis, sexual abuse, the Disability Royal Commission and also of; styles, poetry, short stories, hip hop, conversation, history all form part of the mix.

You might think it sounds heavy... and well, sometimes it's not exactly suitable for childrem... but the story tellers also bring their life and energy so although the stories are challenging they are also uplifting.

And sometimes these stories make you wonder where the disorders really lie.

These are the stories from people whose experiences help them see, hear and sometimes walk differently on the earth.

Why wouldn't you want to benefit from what those good minds have to tell you?

Our website: agoodmindto.com.au