A Life In Art

Rithika Pandey

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Episode notes

Rithika Pandey is a visual artist from Mumbai. Her paintings draw on the personal, mythological and scientific to navigate the mystical spaces within our culture and technological environments. In her complex and deeply personal paintings, she deals with issues such as hybridity, displacement and femininity. In this episode, we talk about her inspiration, travel and how music is integral to her work.

Her exhibition, Only What Is, Never Another runs at Grosvenor Gallery in London from 7- 29 April 2022.

We’re also showing a selection of Rithika’s works on paper in an online viewing room, which will run alongside the exhibition. Everything, including the paper works, are at the gallery.

Link to Rithika's exhibition:  ‘Only What Is, Never Another
Link to the online Viewing Room of Rithika’s works on paper (live from 1 April 2022)

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Do get in touch to ask about the show in advance of the opening by emailing us - [email protected], or visit our website www.grosvenorgallery.com