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Episode notes

Zimbiri is a visual artist, born and raised in Bhutan. She currently works with traditional Bhutanese materials; ‘sa-tschen’ (earth paint) and ‘rhay-shing’ (hand-woven canvas). Her first exhibition ‘Faces', was held in 2015 and was the first female solo-exhibition ever held in Bhutan. The paintings in that show were variations of the three eyed ‘Mahayana Mask’, illustrating the metaphoric masks we wear and how we use them as a means of protection. Her recent work is a series of paintings that explore traditional Bhutanese techniques and imagery. 

Zimbiri’s first solo-show at Grosvenor Gallery runs from the 30 October - 20 November 2020. The exhibition features work from her ‘Tiger’ series, which she elaborates on in this episode. The show coincides with the East Asian element of Asian Art in London, which runs from 30 October – 6 November 2020.

There will be a zoom conversation between Zimbiri and Dr Zehra Jumabhoy on Friday 30 October at 12pm (UK). Get in touch with the gallery by email, [email protected], if you’d like to receive details of how to access this, or to the view the recording. You can follow the artist on Instagram, @zimbiri91, as well as follow @asianartinlondon.

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