A Truth Universally Acknowledged with Harriet Minter

What We Lose and What We Find with Helen Paris

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"Loss is the price we pay for love."

Helen Paris is a theatre maker and author, her latest book Lost Property is "a portrait of loss in all its forms" for which she took on work experience at Baker Street's lost property building learning about the items which line the walls and stories they hold, from the mundane to the absurd as Helen says; "in this instance, truth is stranger than fiction".

In this episode, you'll hear how switching from third person to first person allowed Helen to find her character's voice, unique uniform and personality.

Taking inspiration from Helen’s work experience this week Harriet is encouraging you to think about your own character’s work-life in the creative exercise this week. 


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a woman at the start of a midlife crisis needs a creative project.  So writer, journalist and broadcaster Harriet Minter is writing a book….. A “chick-lit” novel (don’t worry, we’ll be discussing that term). A genre that is both critiqued and loved in equal parts.

Join Harriet for the writing journey, as she navigates story arcs, character traits and plots.  In every episode, you’ll hear from authors who have been there and done it and friends who can help crack problems that Harriet has been dealing with in her novel each week. 

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