A Truth Universally Acknowledged with Harriet Minter

Letting the Whoosh Come with Amanda Prowse

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How can you be creative when life gets in the way; emotions are high and you’re just not in the right headspace? 

Amanda Prowse wrote her first book at 43 after recovering from cancer. In this episode, Harriet and Amanda examine how “the right time” never really exists and how women are often led to believe they’ve missed the boat on being creative or realising certain dreams.

Amanda talks candidly about those times when she’s found it just too hard to write.  You’ll also get to hear who she’s writing for and how Amanda knows that creativity is coming when she has what she calls “the woosh”.

This episode is full of emotion so Harriet’s creative exercise helps you move through them. Hopefully you’ll find some creativity at the end  - inspired by Regena Thomashauer’s  Pussy: A Reclamation


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a woman at the start of a midlife crisis needs a creative project.  So writer, journalist and broadcaster Harriet Minter is writing a book….. A “chick-lit” novel (don’t worry, we’ll be discussing that term). A genre that is both critiqued and loved in equal parts.

Join Harriet for the writing journey, as she navigates story arcs, character traits and plots.  In every episode, you’ll hear from authors who have been there and done it and friends who can help crack problems that Harriet has been dealing with in her novel each week. 

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