Age of Plastic

Reissue, with AUTHOR and activist Mikaela Loach...

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Episode notes

In honour of the release of her first book IT'S NOT THAT RADICAL: CLIMATE ACTION TO TRANSFORM OUR WORLD here is a reissue of the episode with activist Mikaela Loach...

Mikaela Loach is an Edinburgh based climate justice and anti-racism activist. She has written articles for Eco-age, you may have seen her featured in Elle magazine or seen her talking about climate change on BBC news recently. Mikaela along with her co-host Jo Becker host THE YIKES Podcast... delving into some really important and interesting discussions on social justice - oh and she is also studying medicine! This is a really hopeful discussion of climate activism, what an ACTIVIST actually IS! And how we can all be activists and bring more people into the climate discussion, and keep it inclusive!

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