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A look back at the latest series with clips that didn’t make the full episodes and brand new guests including DJ and Producer Adamski, Treedom founder Federico Garcea and the IET’s green energy systems expert Olivia Carpenter-Lomax! Sustainable Christmas Gifting Tips AND what to expect in the new year! TREEDOM Join me and Green the Plant this Christmas with TREEDOM. Head to and use Discount Code AGEOFPLASTIC20 at the checkout to get 20% off your trees before midnight on December 31st 2020. Mikaela Loach on Age of Plastic Podcast Find out more about the IET Green Survey that I spoke to Olivia about here; Adamski SUSTAINABLE CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS… Tala Sustainable Sportswear Catch Rhys Jewellery Floral Street Perfume Le Labo Perfume Birdsong Community Clothing Online Cookery Classes Buy Me Once (Here from the founder here: ) Toy Subscription Merry Christmas!