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Wave Wahines: How can a female-focused surf club bring social transformation?

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Episode notes

How do you give surfing a rebrand? When Wave Wahines founder, Yvette Curtis’ child wanted to pursue their surfing ambitions, it opened Yvette’s eyes to the gender, class, ability and even language barriers to entry. 


But, as a sports enthusiast, she wasn’t going to standby, instead she jumped on board, ready to ride the wave of change. 


From the experiences of the young Wahines themselves, to seriously uncompetitive competitions; in this episode of Amazing Starts Here, Olympian Sam Quek meets Yvette to explore the roots, impact and ambition of this inspirational National Lottery funded female-focused surf club. 


Plus, you'll hear the awe-inspiring story of Wave Wahines’ first cohort of girls from Syrian resettled families, who challenged inclusion barriers that face immigrants through the power of sport.

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