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Singing Mamas: Why is a choir of mums being prescribed on The NHS?

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Hidden in a community hall in West Sussex, Singing Mamas is the unique choir with an eye-opening mission.

There's no auditions and you won't hear a solo, instead this musical group is singing to the tune of finding connection with other mums. The group is one of many around the globe, that through sound has proved itself as new-mum hack for de-stressing, improving mood and finding likeminded people.

In this episode, Sam Quek heads to a Singing Mamas group to hear one voice in particular - nurse and group founder, Kate Valentine. Plus, she also chats with some of the group's mums about why they join and some unexpected impacts singing can have, as well as how the group has evolved beyond its musical roots to become an invaluable NHS tool in the fight against postnatal depression.

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