American Refugee

Episode 13 - Rock On

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Episode notes

This episode is about a different kind of displacement - rock musicians forcibly removed from doing the only thing they know how to do.

Live rock is the nation within our nation, and the coronavirus pandemic stopped it cold.

How have musicians survived in exile? What are the ways rockers have exercised their expressive spirit after physical connection with live audience is removed from the rock equation?

You're about to delve into a music industry changing by the minute. You're about to get inside the human mind of performance artists; their lives, their hearts and their ideals. You're about to hear from celebrities who have been the backbone of the Minneapolis music scene.

And you'll be there in the end when one rocker, against all the setbacks placed before him, attempts to make his big comeback.

Get ready to rock.

This is American Refugee.

Mike Michel, rock guitarist

Brian Liebeck, Icehouse, club owner

Nathan Krantz, First Avenue, booking agent

Chuck Surack, CEO, instrumental retail

Tom Garneau, studio engineer

Jacob Slichter, musician and author

Youa Vang, journalist and promoter

Written, Engineered & Produced: Sam Graber

Music: Mike Michel

Recorded: Minneapolis, MN

Original Release: April 2021