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Episode notes

Ted Zipoy is an Industrial Engineering student at NDSU.

He is originally from Kimball, MN. Ted is involved with many clubs and activities on campus including Project P, a 3D printing club he started on the NDSU campus. Tedz.JPG Ted is passionate about innovation. He won NDSU's 2017 Innovation Challenge for championing the creation of the NDSU maker space. This will be his main project as a future UIF member.

Ted also has a wide variety of internship experiences. During the school year, he works for Protosthetics assisting in the production of prosthetics and orthotics. He recently finished a summer internship with Boston Scientific where he was involved with continuous improvement projects in their interventional cardiology department. He will be returning there in the near future for a co-op opportunity.

Ted is passionate and driven, and excited to be a part of such a dynamic community of learners and dreamers. 

Outline of the Episode:

● [02:23] Introduction about Theodore Zipoy.

● [04:51] How does this deFi project co-relate to real world with student loan debt?

● [07:24] Student loan business?

● [09:31] Donor advised fund?

● [12:56] Evaluating hosting around subnet?

● [13:32] How to handling outside project that can influence your own project?

● [14:38] Decentralized crypto exchanges (DEXs)?

● [16:55] Idea of Centralized exchange?

● [19:05] Quality Audit?

● [21:30] How to attract people to Crypto space?

● [26:37] Building relationship with Universities?

● [31:38] Stand out moment in your education?

● [37:40] Regulatory Issues?

● [39:49] Trip to Barcelona (Avalanche Summit 2022).

● [42:27] Building a perfect team?

● [46:08] One thing on your bucket list?

● [46:58] One way trip to Mars? 

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