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Episode notes

Amigos PC, hosted by Scott and Mark, is a ridiculous podcast that contains funny podcast stories that will entertain you unlike anything else. In this podcast, they are exploring the fundamentals of

Crypto Currency and different types of Crypto Currency.

Outline of the Episode:

● [02:03] Scott Robin hood’s countdown.

● [03:19] About New Show?

● [05:40] Discussion on first article?

● [13:08] Fundamentals of Crypto Currency?

● [19:26] Discussion on 2nd article?

● [28:18] AMC tying with Crypto?

● [30:40] Top 5 Crypto Currencies?

● [42:31] Monero currency?

● [51:03] AVN Currency?

● [52:01] Video Cards?

● [55:24] Why Flux in Crypto?

● [01:11:44] Tokenomics of Safe moon?

● [01:19:40] New Crypto Winter Market? 

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