Answer Me This! / AMT390: Giant Pumpkins, Playing Dead, and Sweet Fanny Adams

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Episode notes

Pop in your prosthetic fangs, spritz yourself with fake blood and turn off all the lights except for that annoying one that flickers - it's the Answer Me This Halloween Special! Featuring SCARY plays, GIANT gourds, MONSTER Mash, and SEXY Martin the Sound Man costumes if such things are possible, you have this month to prove it. Find out more about this episode at . CW: suicide, child murder, death. Send us questions for future episodes: email written words or voice recordings to [email protected] Tweet us  Facebook Our new album Home Entertainment is available now for £paywhatyouwant for a limited period at , where you can also obtain our other special albums, AMT episodes 1-200, and our Best Of compilations. Hear our other work: Helen Zaltzman's podcasts The Allusionist at and Veronica Mars Investigations at ; Olly Mann's five podcasts including , The Week Unwrapped, and Four Thought at ; and Martin Austwick's music at  his Tom Waits podcast Song By Song at , and his new music'n'science podcast Maddie's Sound Explorers, hosted by Maddie Moate, at . This episode is sponsored by: Manscaped, precision-engineered grooming for your danglers. Get 20% off plus free shipping with the code ANSWER at Squarespace. Want to build a website? Go to , and get a 10% discount on your first purchase of a website or domain with the code 'ANSWER'.