Answer Me This! / retro AMT82

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Episode notes

For Tedious But Fine reasons, this month we've swapped the new episode and the retro one. So you'll get an all-new AMT in a fortnight, but now there's Retro AMT82 from 2009 and it's a really fun one! Some things have changed - technology, the nature of entrepreneurship, people wearing Bluetooth earpieces everywhere - whereas others are eternal, like the pain of teen romance, and Americans finding British words funny. This episode originally appeared at . Episodes 1-200 are available at , where you can also get our six special albums. Tweet us Facebook Subscribe on Apple Podcasts  Hear Helen Zaltzman's podcasts The Allusionist at  and Veronica Mars Investigations at , Olly Mann's The Retrospectors, The Modern Mann and more at , and Martin Austwick's Song By Song at . This episode is sponsored by:  • Manscaped, grooming products for your tender bits. Treat your dad for Father's Day: get 20% off plus free shipping with the code ANSWER at .  • Squarespace. Want to build a website? Go to , and get a 10% discount on your first purchase of a website or domain with the code 'answer'.