Liz Ward | LEADER

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Episode notes

Liz Ward is Director of Programmes at Stonewall. She has spent her career working in the charity sector fighting for racial justice, equality and creating a world where everyone is free to be themselves. Outside of work she is a big football fan and plays for Goal Diggers FC, London’s biggest women and non-binary football club and was named on the Football Black List 2021 in the practitioners category.

Her word of the day is LEADER

#AnthemsPride is a collection of 30 original manifestos, speeches, stories, poems and rallying cries written and voiced by exceptional LGBTQIA+ contributors and allies. It was created, sound designed and executive produced by Hana Walker-Brown with lead producer Bea Duncan, producer Francesca Turauskis and production manager Rory Boyle. The artwork is by Mars West and Eleanore Bamber.

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