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"As long as there's people there will be ideas, and there will be ways to express them" - Juliet Jacques

Misinformation, erasure, and dangerous, transphobic rhetoric has noticeably intensified across mainstream media outlets in the past decade, with “debates'' around trans rights seeking to delegitimise and disempower the trans community. So how has this landscape changed, if at all, in recent history? How can cultural engagement combat this toxicity? Seasoned journalist Juliet Jacques and emerging writer Jackson King candidly consider the present and future state of the British media.

Juliet and Jackson’s word of the day is CULTURE

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About our contributors:

Jackson King is a queer Black trans man, journalist, writer, cultural worker and professional dominant (Mister Saul). He's the founding editor of Irresistible Damage (an online magazine for gay/bi trans mascs) and he also writes transmasc erotica on substack (TESTOSTEROTICA).

Juliet Jacques is a writer and filmmaker based in London. She has published five books, including Trans: A Memoir (2015), Variations (2021) and Monaco (2023). Her fiction, journalism and essays have appeared in numerous publications, and her short films have screened across the world. She teaches at the Royal College of Art and co-hosts Novara FM.

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#AnthemsTalks is a collection of intimate conversations between pairs of trailblazers, activists and creatives in honour of Transgender Awareness Week. It was Executive Produced by Bea Duncan, with Production from Talia Augustidis and Lucy Carr, video production from Thunder Video, video editing by Eleanore Bamber and Sound Engineering by Ben Williams. The artwork is by Eleanore Bamber and Mars West.

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