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Episode notes

Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, Han is a multidisciplinary artist, musician, writer, and activist exploring analog and electronic audio, visual and literary mediums as a means to champion vulnerability, and authenticity and tell stories that they believe have the power to heal in their telling. As a certified NLP, Hypnosis, and Timeline Therapy practitioner, inner work, healing, and growth are at the core of what Han does; they are what emboldens them and allows them to be present and demand space for themselves and all oppressed, underrepresented and marginalised communities. They create for catharsis; internal and external, individual and collective.

Han’s word of the day is ALIEN.

#AnthemsPride 2023 is a collection of 7 original manifestos, speeches, stories, poems and rallying cries written and voiced by exceptional LGBTQIA+ contributors and allies. It was Executive Produced by Bea Duncan, with producer Talia Augustidis. This episode was sound designed by Ben Yellowitz. The production assistants were Lucy Carr and Cassandre Greenberg. The artwork is by Mars West and Eleanore Bamber.


Terrence Higgins Trust

Extensive list of clinics and resources for trans and non-binary people; including sexual health clinics, charities and gender identity services across the UK


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