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The Importance of Mental Health in Company Cultures

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Episode notes

In this first episode under the new name, Dangerous Jobs, Apolonia is joined by Rory Mele, a field safety professional and the Director of Environmental Health and Safety at BHI who is especially passionate about suicide prevention and mental health in the workplace.

Today’s topics include:

* How the holiday season can bring a sense of sadness and bring down mental health for some

* Why working in health and safety is very personal

* Creating healthy and safe company cultures and supporting the total health of workers

* Building a resilient workforce in the face of high suicide rates

* Programs and policies Rory is a part of to keep his workplaces safe

Thanks so much to Rory Mele for being a guest!

Connect with Rory:

Website: https://www.bhico.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rorymele/

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