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Borderwalk: a 16,000-mile Trek Across the Entire World with Adventurer Arjun Bhogal

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Episode notes

Follow adventurer Arjun Bhogal on a five-year 16,000-mile trek across the entire world. This is an insane story, with more than one life or death situation. But it’s also an incredibly funny one.

Arjun began with his friend Kieran in 2012, with the idea of walking from Cardiff, Wales where they were at university to Cardiff New South Wales in Australia. They thought it would be a 3-year two-man journey, but it turned into a five-year mostly one-man journey – one of the most difficult ever attempted.  But what makes this story so brilliant is that Arjun is not an extreme athlete in any way. Believe it or not, when he started, he barely had any hiking experience at all.

Starting your hiking career, walking across the entire world is a preposterous notion. But Arjun made it happen, not through physical endurance, though there was a lot of that. He made it happen through mental toughness, through a relentlessly optimistic and open spirit that saw him make friends everywhere he went and survive near-death experiences that would have sent most of us running home with our tail between our legs.

You’re going to gasp, you’re going to be on the edge of your seat, and you’re going to laugh your head off. Get ready to trek across the entire world.

Who’s the guest?
Arjun Bhogal is an ordinary guy who did an extraordinary thing – and he did it for an incredible reason. Millions of people around the world have little or no access to clean water. Arjun walked across the entire planet to raise awareness and money for WaterAid. Find out more about what they do at… and connect with Arjun at… or on Instagram @ASBhogal

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