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Why Lionel Messi Might Actually Leave Barcelona (And How To Start Fixing The Club)

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Episode notes

Even writing that title felt weird. But the biggest transfer saga of the summer is underway, and it's one we never thought we'd even consider. After Barcelona were humiliated by Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, rumours abound that Lionel Messi has finally had enough of life in Blaugrana, and fancies a new challenge. 

Now, we've heard these rumours before. So we thought we'd bring in someone who had a deep insight into the workings of big transfers at Barcelona. Cue Marcelo Bechler, the man who first broke the news that Neymar was off to PSG, and who on Sunday night, wrote the first article that Messi could do the same, setting the football world ablaze. We got Marcelo on to separate fact from fiction, and work out what Messi's thoughts really are. 

And then onto the club as a whole, a bloated mess from top to bottom. Sam Marsden, Barcelona correspondent for ESPN and Sport, joined us to talk what the next steps are to trying to steady a sinking ship, and what can be achieved ahead of the planned elections next year. 

Oh and we take a deep dive into the appointment of Ronald Koeman, and how he might fare in the hot seat at the Nou Camp. Enjoy, Rank Squad.