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Ranking The Most Exciting Teams To Watch Next Season

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Episode notes

The season is over, long live the season. With 2019/20 wrapping up this weekend after Bayern were crowned Champions of Europe for the sixth time, we took precisely ten minutes off and launched ourselves into 2020/21, which is already underway in France, Scotland and beyond. No rest for the wicked! 

To get ourselves into gear, we took a look at the teams we're most excited to watch over the coming year, because of their signings, setups and systems; so that you can have the heads up on who you should be keeping an eye on. To do so, we brought in Behind the Lines co-founder and legend of Football Twitter, Mr. Zach Lowy - who went toe-to-toe with Sam in his selections, pitting two footballing heavyweights against each other. 

Before that, Sam and Jack break down the UCL final and how Kingsley Coman's goal should be a wakeup for PSG letting their youth leave on the cheap and discuss Thomas Tuchel's substitutions; before flicking to the UEL where Sam touches on Diego Carlos' strange couple of games and Jack surprises everyone by picking a Sevilla moment as his 'Thing I Loved'. 

It's B/R Football Ranks, and the football keeps coming.