Beating Around The Bush

S3E11 - COVID-19 plus an interview on a story you may have missed.

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Episode notes

This week's take on the news relating to rural and regional Australia with Fleur Anderson and Wade Dabinett: We can't avoid it - we talk Corona. We've left one non-Corona story and interview right to the end as a reward for listening to Wade and Fleur bang on! This week the conversation turned Macro. Will this change how we govern forever? It's certainly changed the way we run our businesses (Fleur is a fan of the new dress code - 'Zoom Meeting'!) This tweet charts global numbers and Australia get an honourable mention: These are Wade and Fleur's two favourite articles for the week talking about Corona and Government: Big shout out the Interact Limestone Coast who have set a great example for other communities on how to showcase, stay connected and promote what they have to offer during social distancing. They are willing to help other communities to do the same. Lastly we hear from NSW Chief Vet Sarah Britton about the other Border security story in Australia right now - African Swine Fever as it hits PNG and Timor Leste. Follow Us: Join the Rural Business Collective community and join the conversation over at Facebook Beating Around the Bush is the podcast of the Rural Business Collective This is a Cahoots Radio production edited by Skye Manson Hosted by Wade Dabinett and Fleur Anderson Let us know your favourite news stories for the week on email - [email protected]