Beating Around The Bush

S2E12 - Food Security and New Economy for Ag

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Episode notes

This week's take on the news relating to rural and regional Australia with Fleur Anderson and Wade Dabinett: Food security is the talk of the town this week - and never wasting a crisis. But first...Wade loved this one for obvious reasons! Pyne vs Trump: Food security 60 Minutes beat up: NFF Response #factsmatter: More on food security Melons routine in NT paddock: Smash an Avo at home: New Economy for Ag? Should farmers be paid for land improvement? Proposed 4 billion stimulus to create 2400 land improvement jobs: Follow Us: Join the Rural Business Collective community and join the conversation over at Facebook Beating Around the Bush is the podcast of the Rural Business Collective This is a Cahoots Radio production edited by Skye Manson Hosted by Wade Dabinett and Fleur Anderson Let us know your favourite news stories for the week on email - [email protected]