Beating Around The Bush

S3E14 BONUS - Globetrotting with Kate Pilcher

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Episode notes

In this bonus episode we follow on from the story on the regional tourism boom and talk with one tourism operator who is looking to capitalise on the hidden gems in rural and regional Australia in their business. Globetrotting is a travel agency devoted to horse riding experiences the world over and they personally test every ride in the saddle themselves. Kate and her husband Steve are both off the land in Rural Qld and have now based their family business in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. There's an opportunity for any horse loving station owners that want to be part of the Globetrotting portfolio of world class horse holidays too! PS - these are not your standard nose to tail trail rides! Guest this week: Globetrotting - Follow Us: Join the Rural Business Collective community and join the conversation over at Facebook Beating Around the Bush is the podcast of the Rural Business Collective This is a Cahoots Radio production edited by Skye Manson Hosted by Wade Dabinett and Fleur Anderson Let us know your favourite news stories for the week on email - [email protected]