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151. How To Use SEO To Grow Your Audience with Brittany Herzberg

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Episode notes

Be the answer to a Google question! This episode is more of a masterclass on SEO.

Search engine optimization…..what…where…how…and why? Let’s get all those questions and more answered.

Today’s returning guest is Brittany Herzberg. She is the person holistic healthcare pros call when they want to show up as the answer to a Googled question and fill their practice with clients that feel like friends.

As an SEO copywriter, she knows how important it is to showcase your personality, highlight the client experience, and strategically use your client’s words.

You can usually find her sitting on the floor—parked next to her dog, Jac—with an iced oat milk latte in hand.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • You may know what SEO is but are you using it to get found by your ideal clients, no matter what level your business is at.
  • Where should you be using keywords and phrases and how the search engines read your site.
  • Why you want to strategically think about the words you use in your H1 headings? This is a great place to take advantage of SEO, since that’s one part the search engines are reading.

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