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162. Amplifying Your Message: The Impact of a Catchphrase for Your Brand

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Episode notes

You need a catchphrase, a secret weapon to grow your business, captivate your audience, and be known for.

A catchphrase is a repeatable phrase you get known for. It’s what makes a signature speech memorable and the speaker unforgettable.

Your catchphrase is truly unique for your business. When done right, it literally sounds like music. At the essence, this phrase is your foundational belief. Repeating this line, again and again, teaches your audience a unique phrase that’ll stick with them long after the applause end and lingers for days and weeks.

What song were you singing after the “Small World” ride at Disney? WARNING-make this the last ride of the day and not the first. It’s a small world after all….

This episode will teach you:

  • What a catchphrase is and how to use it as the cornerstone of your content, web copy, and presentations.
  • Condense your business belief into one short pithy statement, to uniquely stand out from the crowd.
  • Join the free Craft Your Onstage Catchphrase Masterclass and walk away with your own Catchy Catchphrase. 

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