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167. Reps and Results: Building Your Business Muscle and Visibility

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Are you ready to level up your business and visibility? 

Are you one of the many entrepreneurs who's great at your expertise but avoids the marketing and visibility? You're not alone.

This week we're talking about how to make getting seen feel easier and natural for you.

Here's a little of what you'll learn:

1️⃣ Track Your Progress: Numbers don't lie! By tracking tasks and activities, you'll gain valuable insights into how much time has truly passed and what you have accomplished. This knowledge is essential for recognizing patterns and making informed decisions.

2️⃣ Consistency is Key: Our minds can trick us into thinking less time has gone by, but consistent action is crucial for business growth. From focusing on targeted visibility to consistently showing up on social media, maintaining regularity lays the foundation for success.

3️⃣ Success is in the Reps: Just as building muscle requires consistent effort and concentration, achieving your business goals requires focus and repetition. Start with one small step, like creating that first YouTube video or writing that first blog post, and stay committed. You'll be amazed by the progress you can make over time.

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