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Prof Catherine Johnson discusses what a Labour government might mean for PSB, the Media Bill and digital terrestrial switch off

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Catherine Johnson is the professor of Media and Communications at the University of Leeds, author of the book Online TV, and a member of the Department of Culture, Media and Sports College of experts. With parliament now dissolved, we discuss what happened to the Media Bill and in what form did it survive - what was left in and out? Also, we examine Ofcom’s role in regulating media and resource allocation, what a Labour government might entail for public service media, BBC Charter renewal and funding review and the big issues that are coming down the line for public service broadcasters.


“I suspect what we'll see is the device manufacturers and the public service broadcasters effectively marking their own homework. ‘This is what we said we do. This is what we've done, here's the evidence’. And then we will have to take that on trust.”


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