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Sophie Chalk, VLV policy adviser discusses the implications of the new Media Bill on public service broadcasting

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Sophie Chalk is the policy adviser for VLV (Voice of the Listener and Viewer), an independent charity representing the interests of the audience in supporting high-quality broadcasting in the UK. Earlier this year, they appeared before the DCMS select committee’s inquiry into the future of Public Service Broadcasting. Have their concerns been taken on board and reflected in the Media Bill, which was announced in the King's Speech on Tuesday? We discuss the implications of the bill on public service broadcasting including prominence, regulation, local radio, content, and impartiality.


"There's a lot of concern about impartiality regulation at the moment. Ofcom is overwhelmed with inquiries that it's running into GB News. We think there is a real opportunity to define more closely what ‘news’ is. But the government hasn't picked up on that opportunity yet."

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