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Audio expert Matt Deegan discusses BBC's podcast advertising plans, children's audio and the latest radio listening figures

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Matt Deegan is the co-founder of the award-winning Fun Kids, a digital radio station for families and children, which has just won the bronze award in the Radio Academy’s UK Station of the Year category. Given that the gold award went to BBC Asian Network and the silver to Talksport, this is a considerable achievement for a small independent network. Matt is also the co-founder of Folder Media and the British Podcast Awards and is one of the most respected commentators on all things audio.

In this episode, we discuss the lack of BBC radio content for children, the BBC’s podcast advertising plans and their impact on the commercial industry, the latest radio listening figures, and the future of BBC radio and podcast growth.

“The BBC already gets £5.7 billion of income from a variety of sources. It does not need £1 million a year out of the podcast business.  I could go in and find seven managers to fire, and I could save a million pounds.”

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