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Pat Younge former chief creative officer at BBC TV and non exec director at ITV Studios on the future of PSB, diversity in broadcasting and coverage of Israel-Gaza war

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Pat Younge is a former chief creative officer of BBC Television and a Non Executive Director at ITV Studios Ltd. Amongst his many roles he’s also currently Chair of the Cardiff University governing body and runs his own production company. In our interview we discussed why he is also chair of the British Broadcasting Challenge - why it was set up, the future of public service broadcasting, funding and local journalism. We reflect on his career, why he received elocution lessons and how diversity in broadcasting has changed. We also touch upon the BBC's coverage of the Israel-Gaza war.

"I, as a black person, also have a real empathy with what Jewish staff members are going through....... If you are a Jew working at the BBC or a Jewish person in the UK, when you see those scenes from Gaza—the dreadful, horrific things that Hamas did, and I have no problems calling that a terrorist attack—I can understand why a Jewish person will see those things in a very different way. Someone who doesn't have the lived experience or the family intergenerational experience of what it's like to be targeted for something you have no control over."

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