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Jamie Angus, ex director of BBC World Service and 'Today' editor discusses Ofcom, consequences of WS cuts and funding solutions

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Jamie Angus is the former director of the BBC World Service and the former editor of 'Today' and 'Newsnight' who now works in the Middle East. We discuss Ofcom's oversight of broadcasters, the consequences of previous World Service cuts, and the impact of new ones. We also explore long-term solutions to the issue of its funding, which is under review by a parliamentary committee.


“I think it's clear that GB News are operating under a slightly different model to public broadcasters.”


“Al Arabiya ourselves have launched our own FM radio services. And we've additionally picked up some of the BBC’s medium wave hours, which they no longer use, so our radio services are broadcast regionally. We've also hired a number of ex BBC Arabic radio staff.”

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