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Jane Martinson ex Guardian media editor on Sir Paul Marshall, media ownership and impartiality

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Jane Martinson, author of ‘You May Never See Us Again: The Barclay Dynasty: A Story of Survival, Secrecy and Succession’ is the former media editor at the Guardian and now Marjorie Deane Professor of Financial Journalism at City University.


In the week the general election is called we discussed the potential takeover of The Telegraph by Sir Paul Marshall and its implications for the Conservative Party, his beliefs, media impartiality, the influence that media owners wield, the dominance of right wing media outlets and the future of journalism.


“What I can see in reading, what Paul Marsh has written himself and also actually watching GB News's content is, if you fetishize almost, the freedom of speech, and at one's own belief, over the notion of science and experts. Isn't that at the heart of this? And isn't that where it also meets some of the biggest problems in media at the moment?”


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