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Breaking 100 ft. Joe Marler

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Golf is hard. And it can be particularly hard when you are just starting out. When every other shot is hitting the shank gong and you're shooting a 10 on every hole... Well, at Beef's Golf Club we have your back! In this episode, we are launching the Beef 100 club, where we want to hear from the high handicappers and those who have taken up golf since listening to this podcast! Beef and John discuss the best tips and advice to help you on your way to that first milestone, breaking 100. We are also joined in the clubhouse by rugby legend, Joe Marler, who brings a certain level of anarchy to the sport. He arrives at Beef's Golf Club with some pretty wild ideas such as a collared vest, no range finders, and simply throwing the ball when you're stuck... where does he stand on the chipper debate though? Enjoy!

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