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Beef Stock part one: Welcome to golf's fifth major

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Episode notes

The moment has finally arrived. It's the day that Beef's Golf Club is brought to life in the real world. This is the first of five instalments this week, where we will bring you all the action from North Middlesex Golf Club. Members have travelled from all over the country (and the world) to play in the first ever BGC golf day. To tee us up, Beef and John are unpacking the prizes, sampling the breakfast, and preparing the 'have a look in the mirror, mate' mirror. Today, you will meet Groundskeeper Ben, Rulesmaster Kieran, hospitality manager Kim... and Simon, who is the only player to actually bring a chipper along. The course is set, the shank gong is ready. Grab a club sandwich, sit back and relax... welcome, to Beef Stock.

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