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Ryder Cup: Rory and Cantlay DRAMA on and off the course, but Europe on the brink of victory ft. Peter Finch

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Episode notes

What a day! Europe need just 4 points to win the Ryder Cup after a dramatic day two in Rome, but that doesn’t tell half the story.


As rumours of a rift in the US camp filtered around the course, Patrick Cantlay’s cap was the main talking point for most of the day, but his two late birdies made for a tense finale, before video footage emerged of an angry Rory McIlroy in the carpark.


To digest it all, Beef is joined by BGC member Peter Finch who makes some bold predictions about how Sunday will unfold, and we get a US perspective from Rick from The First Cut podcast.


Beef's Golf Club will be back with a review episode on Sunday, so give us a follow to keep up with all the latest Ryder Cup action.


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